Nage – Throws / Falls / Blending


Technique Overview

What is Nage?

Nage comes from the Japanese word nageru (“to throw”) and nage waza are therefore throwing techniques. Shoshin Ryu Nage is heavily influenced by Judo, and the throwing techniques that make up the core curriculum can be used effectively as part of Goshunjutsu (self defense) as a way to neutralize an attack or opponent.

Learning Nage begins with first learning how to move yourself, then how to move yourself in relation to your uke (attacker/person being thrown), and finally progressing to “feeling” your uke and responding appropriately.

Throws are often categorized into several groups:

  1. leg or foot sweeps
  2. hand techniques
  3. hip throws
  4. projections
  5. sacrifices

In addition to throws, Nage also includes a deep understanding of ukemi which is the art of rolling and falling. Shoshin Ryu students being their Nage training with learning how to fall and roll properly so they do not injure themselves when being thrown.