Sensei Shane Stetz

shane stetz shoshin ryu idaho falls martial arts

Sensei Stetz has been training continuously since he was six years old, making him a lifetime student of martial arts.

He earned his first black belt in Sanzyuryu Martial Arts in 1999.

Shane was introduced to Shoshin Ryu in 2003 through friends he met in the Boise State Judo Club.

After completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and securing a job at the Idaho National Laboratory, he brought his talents to Idaho Falls and opened up Idaho Falls Shoshin Ryu.

Shane has a passion for teaching, training, and learning; which is evident if you watch him teach his classes. He is a fantastic motivator and connects well with young students. Shane completed training to become a qualified “Instructor” of Shoshin Ryu and travels several times a year to various Shoshin Ryu training seminars to further his skill.

His excellence and passion for martial arts has allowed him to refularly train nationally and internationally in cities such as Phoenix, Minneapolis, Anchorage, Tokyo, and Kochi (Japan). Shane specializes in proper body mechanics and stresses good skeletal structure and positioning. This leads to fast and efficient motion and allows a smaller person to defeat a larger opponent.

Shane is the Shoshin Ryu Organization’s subject matter expert on Bo (staff) and is on the Board of Directors. For the safety of the class, he maintains certified in First Aid and CPR.