Frequently Asked Questions

Download our welcome packet. Most of your questions will be answered. For the most common inquiries, see below:

What ages do you take?
We accept students as young as 6, although most of our students in our kid’s program are aged 8 to 12. Are adult’s class invites interested students at age 14. We have yet to find an upper age for our adult practitioners!

Are classes safe?
Students are never asked to perform any movements that would put them in danger of injury. The curriculum is designed to learn basic concepts first, then build upon those concepts in a controlled and safe environment. Students are taught to respect each other, their opponent, and themselves. Sensei maintains certification in American Heart Association First Aide and CPR. That being said, martial arts is a physical activity and students must fully understand that participation in any physical activity could result in injuries. Students choosing to train at Idaho Falls Shoshin Ryu must accept all elements of risk involved. For your safety and our’s, please download the Welcome Packet by clicking on the link above and fill out the liability waiver found in the end of the publication.

What do I wear to class?
Your attire in your first few classes should be comfortable. Wear a t-shirt, sweat pants, or shorts. Whatever you wore in gym class is appropriate.

How much does it cost to attend classes?
The first two classes are free! After your initial visits there are several options are available. We have kid’s programs starting at $37 per month and adult’s programs starting at $60. Private lessons are available.  See our Payment Center and purchase your lessons today!

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