The development of the Shoshin Ryu practitioner leads to a skilled martial artist who is not a fighter but rather one who can fight; a martial artist who continually seeks to better his skills and personal understanding. The Shoshin Ryu practitioner is a warrior scholar who is at home with peace and not afraid of the challenges life brings. He is a person who develops toward his own concept of perfect self. He is a person who is at peace with himself because he is confident in his tools and abilities.


The waza (techniques) of Shoshin Ryu are both empty-hand and utensil (weapon) based. They are taught as kihon waza (basic techniques), in kata (forms), and asgoshinjutsu (specific self-defense applications). The waza are motions that are naturally effective, efficient, and work with the physical laws of science. They include information ranging from how to use Newton’s third law of motion to give you a more powerful punch to how to breathe more efficiently in the same manner as was taught to bugeisha some 550 years ago.

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